About us

We value people with intelligence, energy, passion and a commitment to excellence Our human resource strategy is to develop and deploy best capabilities in each of the service areas. We encourage diversity of views in our staff, job enrichment through inter divisional postings and continuous professional development to help our clients and people excel.

Our goals and objectives

At Expert Zone, our goals impowers you, we aim to shape a practice where professional consultants can meet the industry’s performance standards. As a professional firm, our practitioners may be brought into the project as independent contractors, thus maintaining the consultant’s desire to remain independent.

We work

with our clients to provide exceptional performance including up to date techniques and analytical tools modify our clients implementing the most effective and efficient business to their needs

At Expert Zone

we have a tendency to bring as much needed capabilities and deep native experience to address your needs, your stakeholders expectations and to cater your regulatory obligations.

We serve

our clients at every level of their organization develop a client base requiring a team effort,
versus a sole practitioner, to satisfy client requirements, providing strategy development and business planning in the consultancy sector.

Our exclusive

performance methodologies and analytical tools enable our clients to run their business more effectively and efficiently.

Our work
is done on the basis of the management’s participation in the responsibility for the growth of the activity and allows us to provide the necessary advice and instructions related to the work.

We include
a group of the most efficient employees with high experience in the field of computer system control, who provide appropriate instructions in the event of a deficiency in the system.

We are
distinguished in cooperation with our customers delivering high quality services while representing the principles we are committed to



What our teams bring to you includes

• Strong technical knowledge
• Ability to tailor services specific to your needs
• Innovation: ability to provide services outside the box
• Integrity, respect and teaming
• Energy and enthusiasm to deliver high quality services
• Strong credentials
• Sector specific knowledge

• Oriented, accessible and responsive team, thoughtfully
customized to the needs of your organization and this
• An understanding of the issues you face, with professionals
who will collaborate to keep you ahead of emerging trends.
• A commitment to proactive and face-to-face communication.
• Exceptional knowledge and experience in accounting standards
applied and issued by SOCPA (IFRS).